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NU Honours Admission Circular 2024

NU Honours Admission Circular 2024

NU Honours Admission Circular, Launching on January 22, 2024, at 4 PM, the National University Honours Admission 2024 for the 2023-24 session extends an opportunity until February 11, 2024, midnight. Aspiring students can apply seamlessly on the official website (nu.ac.bd/admissions) for a chance to embark on their academic journey. Secure your spot today. National University Honors admission is an important step for students who wish to pursue higher education in Bangladesh. The 2024 admission notification carries great significance as it sets the stage for thousands of students to begin their academic journey.

The NU from Admission Circular 2024 features a comprehensive prospectus outlining eligibility criteria, application guidelines, and vorti outcomes. Aspiring students have the opportunity to apply for BA, BSS, BBS, and BBA courses in the National University Honours 1st year, constituting a 4-year program. This document serves as a crucial resource for candidates seeking detailed insights into the admission process, ensuring a transparent and informed approach to pursuing higher education at the National University.

National University Admission 2024

In a departure from traditional admission practices, the National University’s admission process for 2023-2024 has taken a distinctive turn by eliminating admission tests. Instead, it exclusively relies on the academic performance showcased in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) equivalent examinations. This strategic shift not only simplifies the application procedure but also underscores the institution’s commitment to recognizing and nurturing scholastic talent.

The National University Admission 2023-2024 adopts a groundbreaking approach, discarding admission tests in favor of a merit-based system reliant on SSC and HSC equivalent exam results. The admission results are unveiled sequentially in three merit lists, with the 1st list anticipated in February 2023. Notably, Honours Migration results align with the 2nd and 3rd merit lists. Following this, release slip results become available post-application, offering flexibility.

National University Honours Admission Circular 2024

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NU Honours Admission 2023-2024

NU Honours Admission 2023-2024. Commencing on 22 January 2024, the National University’s online admission application period extends until February 11, 2024. Following this, aspiring candidates have until February 12, 2024, to submit their applications directly to their respective colleges.

Admission Time Date in National University

  • Online Application Starting Date: 22 January 2024.
  • Online Application End Date: 11 February 2024.
  • Admission Official Website: admissions.nu.edu.bd.
  • Admission Fee: 250 BDT.
  • First Merit List: February 2024.

Frist Merit List,Class Start And Admission From Fee:

In February 2024, the National University will release the first merit list for the 2023-2024 admission.

National University Honours Admission Circular 2024

An overview of the topics covered in the admission test. Exam Pattern: Information about question type, duration and other important aspects of the exam. Marking System: How answers are evaluated and to understand the marking scheme. Online Application Steps: A detailed step-by-step guide for the online application process. Required Documents: List of documents required at the time of application including academic transcripts and certificates. Application Fee: Details about the application fee, method of payment and any concessions available.

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